Neoprene Gear

Forget what you’ve heard about Neoprene clothing. Rough Trade’s Neoprene Gear really pushes the envelope, with its unique styles and designs made to show-off all the masculine features of the body with its rugged and sexy look.

Becoming a fetish in itself, we have worked hard to expand the notoriety of the material with our always-growing line of high-quality Neoprene Gear. From the Neoprene Codpiece Shorts to the Neoprene Sex Singlet, we have designed our pieces consciously knowing that they can be part of any fetishists’ arsenal.

Finding the versatility of the material has not only expanded our Wearable Gear, but has translated to our Restraints, Sex Toys and Street Gear. Neoprene being so  “easy-on/easy-off” and completely washable has made this material an easy (and sexy) alternative to the days of high-maintenance rubber or often-pricey leather goods.  Made in-house, we take pride in the craftsmanship and attention placed in each individual piece.

Next time you’re shopping for a high-quality pair of Racer Pants or Vest, take a look at our Rough Trade’s Neoprene Gear, we guarantee you’ll find a new kinky you!

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